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  • Relief bundle


    Try a bit of everything for incredible relief with our All-Natural Relief Bundle!

    In one bundle, get our strong 1000mg Sport Stick for those big achy spots, plus a powerful 1000mg Tincture Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, and 4-count of our gamechanger 25mg Gummies for full body relief and a good nights rest

  • Rest Bundle


    Try a bit of everything for improving rest with our All-Natural Rest Bundle

    An incredible sleep support bundle with our 500mg tincture Full-spectrum Cold Pressed Hemp Oil to begin the evening, our 100mg Bath Bomb for a soothing bath and skin health, and a 30-pack of our incredible 25mg Gummies before bed – A trifecta that everyone raves about for better sleep!

  • Soothe Bundle


    Try a bit of everything to soothe the body and skin with our All-Natural Sooth Bundle

    In one bundle, get our nourishing, full-body 8oz. Lotion with Full-Spectrum, Cold- Pressed Hemp Oil and
    Aloe Vera, our. Natural Body Salve for aches, circulation, skin repair and more, a Bath Bomb with 100mg of CBDA for max relaxation and skin health, and our incredible Lip Balm for lip health with Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter.